Maverick Elevator Service

Maverick Elevator Service exclusively provides monthly maintenance for all equipment, minimizing costly downtime from breakdowns and significantly extending equipment lifespan. We guarantee to match or beat your current rate!


Our highly trained repair crews are always fully equipped to handle any job, irrespective of the vintage of the equipment. With our in-house inventory of parts from various manufacturers, we ensure minimal downtime for your equipment and mitigate issues related to common “back order” situations.

Our Bread and Butter

Maverick Elevator Service sees modernization as an artform for our highly motivated “Mod” teams. We uphold the highest standards for these dedicated professionals. Maverick Elevator Service will upgrade all components of your current equipment with nonproprietary, industry proven, American-made products. Meaning you, as the equipment owner, are never restricted to any specific elevator service provider due to proprietary equipment or component availability.


With our extensive expertise, we seamlessly collaborate with your Architect and General Contractor. Choose from our overhead or machine room-less (MRL) new install package for your convenience.


In our dedication to safety, Maverick Elevator Service partners with a certified Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) to ensure every equipment piece under our supervision complies with local safety codes.


If you ever need a quote or second opinion, don’t hesitate to call (877) 500-1932 or fill out our online booking for a free consultation!